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ONYX Testsuite


You are looking for an efficient tool to create, execute and evaluate e-assessments? Tests, exams and questionnaires are important components of your processes and you do not want to renounce on a secure execution and individual evaluation? 


Let convince yourself by the ONYX Testsuite and try our e-assessment tool: ONYX test example.


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Composed of independent components the ONYX Testsuite proposes the greatest possible flexibility and is easily integrable in existing system and learning environments. The whole ONYX Testsuite is based on the international recognized IMS Question Test and Interoperability (QTI) v2.1 specification.




Benefit from the wide range of functionalities and flexibility of the ONYX Testsuite!

All in one: self tests, tests, exams and questionnaire

Various question types and wide range of media support High level of exam safety, execution monitoring
Individual evaluation possibilities Differentiated test and task feedback Flexible test and section structure
Efficient automatic evaluation Possibility of manual evaluation Consequent use of IMS QTI 2.1



Components of the ONYX Testsuite

  • Use the ONYX Editor to easily and intuitively create IMS QTI compatible tests, exams and surveys. You will be impressed by the wide range of options for designing tests and items.

  • With the ONYX Player you have a professional IMS QTI v2.1 player at your disposal. Deliver your tests, exams and surveys securely and make use of the wealth of options for controlling tests and automated grading.

  • The ONYX Reporter enables individual and group-specific overviews and graphic analyses of all test and survey results. Use a variety of detailed views to get an overview of your IMS QTI reports.

  • The ONYX Converter enables you to easily convert your existing item and test data. Convert test formats (e.g. Blackboard, WebCT or OLAT) into IMS QTI 2.1. 



Winner of the IMS Learning Impact Gewinner des IMS Learning Impact Platinum Award 2014


BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH is an official member of the IMS Member Group and is actively involved in enhancing the IMS QTI specification.