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What browser can be used for the learning platform?

Our systems support current version of the most used Windows, MAC OS and Linux browsers.

Where can I access your price information?

You would like to receive price information about our products? Please contact our Product Manager by email on info@bps-system.de or by phone on +49 (0371) 666 2739 0.

Do you have Demo systems I can access?

To get a first impression of our systems we can set you a login for our Demo systems. To get such a login, please contact us on info@bps-system.de or use our contact form.

I would like to offer online courses, what possibilities do I have?

You would like create easily and fast online trainings? Use our worldwide successful learning management system OPAL.

You are an university?
Then OPAL is what you need. More information are available in the chapter OPAL.

You are a company?
Then OPAL meets your requirements. More information are available in the chapter OPAL.

You are a school?Sie sind eine schulische Einrichtung?

Then OPAL School  is at your disposal. ur Verfügen. More information are available in the chapter OPAL.



How to publish online my lectures?

Magma enables you to store, edit, convert, search for and publish audio and video files. Without previous knowledge you can publish single A/V files or complete media sets on websites.

Further information are available on the product page "Magma".

I'm interested in OPAL, who shall I contact to get further information?

You are an university or a company and would like to test OPAl on a Demo system or you would like to receive additional information about the tool? Please contact us by email on info@bps-system.de or by phone on +49 (0371) 666 2739 0. You may also use our contact form.

What item types are possible in Onyx?

The Onyx Editor offers a great number of item types to great a test.

The following item types can be used:

- Multiple choice task
- Ordered object tasks
- Assignment tasks
- Matrix tasks
- Text entry task
- Extended text tasks
- and many more

Further attributes as single/multiple choice, vertical/horizontal alignment or defined/random display can also be defined.

All additonal details are available at "Onyx Testsuite".

I would like to work for BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH, who shall I contact?

Regularly offered jobs are available in the menu "Company - Career".

Of course you can send us a spontaneous candidature. Therefore please send an email to bewerbung@bps-system.de or call us on +49 (0371) 666 2739 0.

Please forward us all relevant information (certificates, letter of motivation, etc) and do not forget to communicate us your wishes concerning the field and beginning of application.


Who is the BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH?

We, the BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH (called BPS GmbH), are an e-learning service provider who offers profession al services and modern software to companies, educational and public institutions to support them in education, communication and organisation processes.

Read more about the BPS GmbH in "Company../?id=10".




BPS Bildungsportal

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