Use the various configuration options in the tab Options to adapt the task according to your needs.


The answers for most task forms are by default arranged in random order. Therefore, the task seems different for each test participant and attempt. For some questions, however, it may be desirable that the answers are not randomly displayed. In such cases, the setting Shuffle in the tab Options can be disabled.

For match interactions, it is further possible to disable the shuffle option per answer set.

Orientation and swapping elements

The answers of most task forms are arranged in vertical order by default, i.e. one above the other. You can, however, configure the orientation to be horizontal. In the case of a larger number of possible answers, however, a horizontal orientation is not recommended for visual reasons and because it might impair the usability of tests on mobile devices such as smartphones.

For match interactions, it is further possible to swap the location of the source and target elements, in addition to configuring the horizontal and vertical orientation. This allows the implementation of concrete technical content, for example mathematical or chemical equations. If the beginning of the equation is provided and the participant has to find the correct end of the equation or its solution, we recommend enabling the configuration Swap source and target elements.

By default, the source elements are assigned by the participants. The assignment is done from left to right. Therefore, the participant has to match the source elements on the left with the correct target elements on the right.

By activating the option Swap source and target elements, it will be the other way round, i.e. the target elements have to be assigned by the participants. This also implies that the source elements will now be provided on the right and the target elements on the left.

Use comments in a task

To use the comment function for a task, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch to the tab Options in the desired area.
  2. In the section Options, disable the option Apply the configuration of the superior element under Comment and select the setting Allow on question level to enable comments for the desired area or Not allowed to disable comments explicitly for this area.

Examples of using a layout file for ONYX test tasks: