The inline choice allows participants to select an answer from a drop-down menu with multiple options. Similar to the text entry interaction, it is possible to use more than one inline choice per question and integrate them directly in the text.

A licence is required to use this question type.


Tab Question & Answer

Add inline choice

Enter your question and text in the input field. To add inline choices, i. e. gaps with a selection list, you have the following options:

  • Add inline choice
    You can create inline choices directly in the text by using the Add inline choice  button at the desired place. The inline choice will then be inserted at the selected point in the text, and the editing area will open.
Edit inline choice

To edit an inline choice, click on the gap icon  in the text. An additional area for editing the inline choice will open below the text field. The editing area also opens when creating a new inline choice.

Define at least one inline choice for which the participant must make a selection.
If you remove all the inline choices for your question, the question is no longer valid. It cannot be saved, and a corresponding note will be displayed. 


Add the answer choices to your inline interaction. The number of possible answer choices is not limited. 
The alternative values are separated by a line break, comma, or semicolon. If the selection value contains a comma, a backslash needs to be inserted before the comma. (Example: "The condition\, that ...")

The order of your answer choices will be the same as in the test, provided that the option Shuffle is disabled.

Choose the correct solution from the given answer choices.

ScoreAssign the points the learner will receive when selecting the correct solution for the inline choice. The total score of the question results from the sum of all points awarded for the question's inline choices.
It is also possible to assign partial points for individual inline choices, e. g. if the learner has chosen an alternative solution, in the Assessment tab.
ShuffleDecide whether the displayed answer choices should be sorted randomly for each test run, or in the order specified when creating the question.