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Since ONYX 6.0, tests can be published directly in the ONYX Editor. Published test content can be edited by the test participants using an individual web link. All evaluation and result information will be available to supervisors in the form of a comprehensive statistical evaluation. You may integrate the test into your web pages like this or share the link by email.


Publish tests

Open the tab Test resources to find your desired content. Click on the publish test icon in the Actions column. A special publish view will open, allowing you to publish the content. Here you will not only find all options for configuring the publication, but also all existing publications for the selected resource.

For more information, see the help page Publish test.

Manage and evaluate publications

You can view and manage existing publications in two places:

Tab Publications

This section contains an overview of all your available publications (for all resources).

For more information, refer to the help page Publications.

Publish view

Here you will find all publications for a single resource.

For more information, refer to the help page Publish test.

Restriction of test starts

Depending on your licence, the number of test starts may be restricted. For more information about licensing and restricting test starts, see the help section Licensing.

Easy participant access for published test content

Generally, participants will get access to published test content by opening a defined web link. However, to facilitate interactive live scenarios, such as on-site surveys in courses (audience response), you can also enable test participation for non-registered users through a simplified access. To do this, participants go to the ONYX home page without logging in (e. g. and switch to the Participate tab. Now all you have to do is pass on the established access code, and the participants can instantly start the test or survey.

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