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The ONYX Testsuite is the e-assessment tool of the learning platform OPAL. The creation of test content and its implementation are coordinated within the learning platform and provide a variety of additional options. Your ONYX test content is fully integrated here, and you benefit from extensive assessment, evaluation and result information. 

The implementation of your test settings within the learning platform offers you and your test participants among other things the following advantages: 

  • ONYX test and survey resources are displayed directly as learning resources in the learning platform OPAL and do not need to be recreated.
  • You can assign individual user rights within the ONYX question bank to benefit from the advantages of collaboratively creating and maintaining test resources.
  • Once authenticated to the learning platform, users have access to several e-learning tools in addition to the test resources.
  • The start and configuration of tests can be controlled by a variety of attributes.
  • You can monitor and actively intervene in tests if necessary (exam mode).
  • Integrate your test content into your existing teaching and learning scenarios with the learning platform for classification, knowledge aquisition, and knowledge testing purposes.
  • The learning platform OPAL allows the representation of simple self-tests for training purposes as well as the implementation of complex examination scenarios.


Central help pages in the OPAL user manual

Provide tests in OPAL

In the following, you will find described a basic workflow for providing tests in the learning platform OPAL. More detailed information about the learning platform OPAL can be found in the OPAL user manual.

To integrate an ONYX test as a course element into your OPAL course, you as the author and supervisor should plan the following steps:

1LoginLog into the learning platform OPAL as a user. To create or edit courses, you need author rights, which can be obtained from your assigned support centre. 
2Open courseOpen the desired course in which you want to perform the assessment. If there is no course yet, you will need to create and release a new course. The course should contain at least one learning group.
3Assign ONYX resourcesCreate a self-test, test or survey element in the course and assign it an ONYX resource.
4Assess resultsTo assess test results, you can use different results views and evaluation options in the assessment tool. These include statistical overviews for ONYX resources and the option of conducting anonymous task-based assessments.  

Central help pages in the OPAL user manual

Start test or survey

After their authentication, participants open the course. They will find the course in the Teach & Learn area if they have been enrolled in it. For more information on how to find relevant courses, refer to the help page Work in courses

Within the opened course, the user navigates to the desired course element. By clicking on the button Start test or Start survey, the user opens the assessment and may run it if necessary.

A first insight into the user view of an ongoing test is provided by the help page Test implementation from the participant's point of view.

Assess test or survey

Depending on the resource, simple or extensive assessments can be performed. An overview of all available options can be found on the help page Test assessment.

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