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The ONYX Editor allows you to export your test content in PDF format. This way, you can also use your test content in paper form for classic test scenarios.  

ONYX supports the creation of similar tests with randomly selected content through various settings. The configuration options for the type and copies of exported content allow you to create a test (with the same values) in different formats, e.g. without solutions (for participants) and with correct responses (for tutors). It is also possible to generate several test versions with one export.  

Beispiele Teilnehmerexemplar


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Export test as PDF file


In the test resources view, find the desired test content and select the PDF icon (print) from the Actions column. A dialogue opens for configuring the PDF export.

Aktion PDF-Export im Aufgabenpool starten

To create a PDF document of your test content, simply click on Create PDF . Depending on the operating system, the dialogue for displaying or saving the PDF document will then appear.

The visibility settings are also respected in the export of the PDF. Any sections that may have been hidden by the author are therefore not displayed in the exported PDF.

Konfigurationsoptionen zum PDF-Export

Configuration of the PDF export

Various configuration options are available for the PDF export. Next to classic pen and paper exams, they also allow you to use the PDF export for a simple and printable assessment overview. The configuration parameters are similar to the options for configuring tests.

The following configuration parameters are available:

Konfigurationsoptionen zum PDF-Export

Type and copies of exported content

For participants - Paperwork test without solutions

Depending on the usage scenario, various evaluation information can be displayed in the PDF document. The assessment display is disabled by default. Solutions are therefore not shown or marked in the PDF document.

However, the maximum score per task is always displayed.

Papierklausur Beispielaufgabe Teilnehmeransicht
For tutors - Export correct responses

Copies for the tutor also include a correct response to each task. Choice interactions, for example, require the participants to mark the correct checkbox, while text entry interactions require them to enter a response in a text field.

The maximum score per task is always displayed.

If you have enabled a random task selection in your test resource, the sample solution will also only contain the tasks associated with the paper-based exam, together with their solutions.

Papierklausur Beispielaufgabe Turoransicht
CopiesSpecify the desired number of test versions with different random values (if variables with random values are used).

PDF-Export mehrerer Teilnehmerexemplare


Show item titles

The author specifies a title for each task. The same titles will also be displayed in the PDF export.

If task titles are disabled, all tasks included in the test will be numbered consecutively.

PDF-Aufgabenbeispiel mit Aufgabentitel PDF-Aufgabenbeispiel ohne Aufgabentitel
Variables: Calculate variable values

For test content with variables , additional configuration parameters are available. By default, random values are calculated for each PDF export and then replaced with variables.

If the calculation of variable values is disabled, only the name and not the calculated value of the variables will be displayed.

PDF-Aufgabenbeispiel mit Variablenbeispielwerten PDF-Aufgabenbeispiel mit Anzeige der Variablennamen
Variables: Show variables in table

If the option Show variables in table is enabled, all variables defined for the task, including the type, calculation rule and an example value, will be summarised in a table below the task.

ONYX allows variables to be changed by conditions at a later time, e.g. depending on other variables. Conditions are not displayed in the variable overview. The variable overview indicates the value of the variables after the variable replacement has been completed and all conditions have been met. The displayed, causal calculation rule of a variable can therefore deviate from the set value.

PDF-Aufgabenbeispiel mit Variablentabelle
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