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A statistical evaluation can be performed for all test scenarios. It not only provides you with an overview of how often tasks were answered right or wrong, but also with detailed information on the frequency distribution of all answers submitted. In this way, it is possible to draw conclusions about the general learning progress of the participants, to detect concrete problem areas, as well as to perform quality analyses of the individual tasks, answer options, and the defined evaluation (e.g. of the solution options).

In the statistical evaluation, all data will be anonymised. In the case of closed task forms (e.g. selection tasks), a frequency distribution of the selected predefined answers will be indicated in percentage terms. In the case of open task forms (e.g. cloze tests), all of the answers given by the participants will be listed according to their frequency. Correct answers are highlighted in green. In the case of the statistical evaluation of a questionnaire, responses are no longer marked as correct or incorrect. Instead, only the corresponding frequencies are displayed.

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