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A particular advantage of e-assessment is the fast and direct provision of feedback to the participants. Depending on the test configuration, you can inform the participant directly during the test execution about whether the task was solved correctly or incorrectly, and how many points they have achieved. If desired, the correct solution can be displayed as well.

For additional information, you can specify individual feedback content which will be automatically displayed. ONYX offers the following possibilities for automatic feedback:

  • Feedback for the entire task (right/wrong)
  • Feedback per selected / not selected response
  • Feedback according to points achieved
  • Feedback per attempt

Moreover, you can give the participant manual feedback, especially for open task formats (e.g. free text).

Overall, you can provide instant automatic feedback for individual tasks and/or display assessment information and individual feedback content for individual tasks and/or the entire test at the end of the test run. For further information, please refer to the help section Set test feedback.


Automatic feedback

Automatic feedback is given during the test run, immediately after the participant has provided their answer and submitted the task. For this purpose, you can store general feedback content for the right or wrong answers of a task.

Further, it is possible to define individual feedback conditions according to the points achieved, the given answers, or the current attempt to solve the task.

For the creation of your feedback content, a text editor will be at your disposal by means of which you can format text and insert media.

Feedback for the entire task (right/wrong)

In this area, you can define general feedback content for the user, which will be displayed to them after completing the task.


Individual feedback

The individual feedback enables you to define conditions in accordance with your requirements and to establish a link between these conditions. Show the user individual feedback, for example, on the basis of their answer.

The following options are available to you depending on the type of the task:

  • Feedback per selected / not selected response
  • Feedback according to points achieved
  • Feedback per attempt
  • Feedback per numerical variables

For the definition of your feedback, certain operators are available to you such as equal (=) and not equal (!=).

Link conditions: Once you have created several feedback conditions, you can configure how these conditions will be linked. Determine whether all conditions (AND) or at least one condition (OR) must be met for feedback to be displayed.

Change feedback order: If several individual feedback entries meet the user's submitted solution, they will be displayed in the order specified here. Use the arrow icons to change the order of the feedback entries.


After submitting the task, the participant will receive a summary of the assessment information, and the appropriate feedback content will be displayed to them.

Please note that you can control which assessment information is supposed to be displayed to the participant via the Configuration of the test implementation.

Manual feedback

Feedback from the participant to the tutor

The author can allow comments on task level for all tasks. Tasks for which comments are admitted can be commented by the candidate. In this way, feedback from the candidate to the tutor and/or assessor is enabled.

Feedback from the tutor to the participant

The assessor can comment tasks in the assessment tool and provide manual feedback to the task solution. This applies to all tasks, regardless of whether they are assessed manually or automatically. Further information are provided in the section Manual assessment.