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Order interactions allow you to organise both text and images in a certain order. The task of the learner is to put the elements in the correct order. The sorting is done via drag and drop.

Define question & answer



Use the selection list to determine the correct order of your answers. Please note that you cannot assign the same position more than once.


In the section "Answers", add answer options to your order interaction. Use the button New answer to add additional answer options. The number of answer options is not limited.


Use the button Delete  to delete answer options. The displayed order of your answers corresponds to the display during the test implementation, provided that the option "Shuffle" is disabled. Please not that the option "Shuffle" is enabled by default (Set options).

Use the action buttons to change the display order. Disable the option "Shuffle" in the tab "Options" to be able to arrange the display order according to your needs.