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Tutors may manually reassess or adjust test results. They can not only assign scores for individual questions, but also provide comments for the participants or other assessors.


Manual assessment

If there are questions (e. g. extended text interaction, upload interaction) that need to be manually reassessed, these will be marked with a blue M in all results views. All assessment and results views also display notifications that the score does not yet indicate the final value if there are still any open ratings. For both the tutor and the participant, it is therefore easy to find out from the results views where there are open assessments.

If the questions have been manually reassessed, the marking changes. The results view shows for each question whether and by whom it was manually reassessed. If no points have been awarded, the question is considered to be incorrect. If partial points have been awarded, the question is considered to be partially correct. Finally, if all points have been awarded, the question is considered to be correct. According to this rating, a grey M is displayed together with the correct/incorrect symbol.

Following the manual assessment, both automatically and manually assessed questions will be available in the results views. The total score of the test will be recalculated upon completion of the assessment and automatically updated so that all ratings are correctly represented in the test result.

Anonymised and question-related assessment

For an anonymised and question-related assessment, a special assessment view is provided. In the first step, the question to be assessed is selected, and then all answers given by the participants will be displayed anonymously. The assessor can specify whether all answers, only answers with open assessments and/or incorrect answers should be shown.

For a detailed description of how such an anonymous assessment can be performed, refer to the section Perform an anonymous and question-related assessment of ONYX test questions in the documentation for the learning platform OPAL.

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