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The course owner can assign test and task content an OER licence based on Creative Commons (CC).

A CC licence provides a definition of possible limitations and restrictions regarding access, editing and use of the resource in the spirit of Open Educational Resources (OER).


Licencing in the question bank

Licencing takes place in the information area of a resource. Open this area by clicking on the information icon in the Actions column. Then switch to the tab Licences and click on Assign licence to start the licencing dialogue.

In the dialogue, you will now see all licences stored within the system as well as links to further information on these licences. Find out more if necessary and then select the required licence. Assign it to your resource using the selection button.

The selected licence will now be displayed and is available from within the other list views, when configured in the view settings of the corresponding column.




Licencing at the folder level

The collection function for licencing allows the simultaneous assignment of licences for existing content at the folder level. However, the assignment is only possible for content for which the current user is registered as a supervisor or owner.

Edit licence

A licence that has been assigned to a resource can be replaced at any time.

To assign a different licence to a resource, open the information area of the resource and switch to the licence area. By clicking on the pencil icon next to the respective licence, the dialogue will be restarted. The currently selected licence will be highlighted. Decide whether or not you want to assign another licence.

Delete licence

A licence that has been assigned to a resource can be deleted at any time. Open the information area and switch to the Licence tab. By clicking on the trash can icon next to the respective licence, the licence will be deleted.

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