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During exams, faults may occur at a learner’s workstation (client PC).


Preparation steps

  • The PC pool, where the exam takes place, provides free workstations (client PCs).
  • The configuration of the OPAL course element must be adapted for conducting exams, i.e. the exam mode and exam control must be enabled.

Exams are provided in the context of the respective course. To integrate an exam, you therefore need to link it to a test course element. To do this, switch to the test configuration of the course element.

Enable the exam mode and exam control.



If a learner experiences problems with their PC, they will be provided with a new one. The learner then needs to log on to OPAL and restart the exam.

As soon as the learner has restarted the exam, their status in the exam control changes from The learner is processing the exam to The learner is waiting to continue the exam.

Prüfung warten

Click on Continue. The dialogue for continuing with the exam opens. Here you can also set some additional processing time for the learner concerned. Confirm the dialogue with Yes.


The exam automatically starts where the learner left off. It will be displayed in the exact same way as before the interruption. This includes dynamically generated test data (e.g. if the options shuffle and random selection or the use of parameters had been enabled) as well as all of the learner’s responses.