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The Safe Exam Browser (SEB)is a web browser that creates a safe working environment on the installed computer. It can be used to regulate access to system functions, other applications, websites and data during an exam.

Comprehensive information on installing and using the Safe Exam Browser can be found in the SEB User Manual.

The following information provides an easy introduction to the use of the Safe Exam Browser in the context of the learning platform OPAL. ONYX test content can be integrated using the course element Test, which offers comprehensive functions for performing electronic exams with the exam mode configuration. Activate the option Exam browser.

More detailed information can be found on the OPAL help pages for the exam mode.


SEB download and installation

The current SEB version can be downloaded under the following link:

Start the file SafeExamBrowserInstaller.exe and follow the installation instructions of the programme.

We recommend the use of SEB version 2.2.1.

SEB configuration

SEB offers a comfortable configuration tool, which will be installed with the installation. To start the configuration tool, use the file SEBConfigTool.exe in the SEB installation directory. The configuration tool organises the most important SEB functions into individual tabs.

An overview of all SEB settings can be found in the SEB User Manual (Configuration): figuration.

The following configuration settings are recommended. Please note that additional settings, e.g. network settings, may be helpful for your application scenario. Check these settings together with the system administrator and the examiner and adjust the default setting to the system infrastructure and usage scenario if necessary.

Basic settings in the tab "General"

Enter the link to the OPAL homepage in the field Start URL.

For the central learning platform OPAL of the Saxon universities, the start URL is:

Specify how to quit SEB.

  1. Option: Quitting SEB can be completely prohibited. Please note that in this case, a system restart is absolutely necessary to quit SEB! Select this option by disabling the setting Allow user to quit SEB.
  2. Option: Alternatively, quitting may be allowed but restricted by means of a password. Enable the option Allow user to quit SEB and set an individual Quit/unlock password.
  3. Option: Another possibility is to include a link to quit SEB in the test feedback. Further information is provided under:

If SEB is closed without the participant's exam being completed, the exam will be aborted. However, resuming the exam is possible according to the Procedures guide for the failure of a client PC.

Browser view mode settings in the tab "User Interface"

Pick a full screen mode.

Select the option Use full screen mode if the examination is to be completed solely with ONYX.

Reduce the displayed SEB functions for the examinee.

We recommend the restriction of the SEB task bar. For example, disable the options Show Wi-Fi control, Show reload button, and Show keyboard layout and enable only the Show time option.

Saving the configuration file in the tab "Config File"

To apply the configuration for the use of SEB, you must save the configuration file.

Saving the configuration file is recommended for configuring a client.

Select the radio button for configuring a client.

Set a password to encrypt the configuration file.

Save the configuration file (*.seb) by clicking Save Settings or Save Settings As.... The file path will also be displayed in the title bar of the configuration tool after saving the file.


To automatically configure an installed Safe Exam Browser, double click the saved configuration file once (*.seb) on the target system. To load the configuration data for the first time, you need the configured password (protection of the configuration file). The installed SEB browser is configured accordingly and uses the stored settings from the next reboot.

Start SEB

Start the Safe Exam Browser by opening the installed application or by starting the file SafeExamBrowser.exe. The Safe Exam Browser automatically loads the last loaded configuration.

Further information can be found in the SEB User Manual (Starting and Quitting SEB):