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With the ONYX Editor, you can create tasks, tests, or questionnaires. For ease of management, you can also organise your content into folders. All content visible to you will be listed in the tab Test resources, where you can also create new content.

Inhalte im Aufgabenpool erstellen

Start with the creation of single tasks. On the basis of a set of single tasks, you can then easily combine multiple test scenarios.


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Create content

  1. Go to the tab Test resources.
  2. Click on New folder, New test, New task, or New questionnaire at the top of the page.
  3. Assign a title, select a task type (only for tasks), and confirm the dialogue with OK. The content will then open in a new tab.

Import content

Inhalte importieren

  1. Go to the tab Test resources.
  2. Click on Import content at the top of the page.
  3. In the dialogue, you can choose whether you want to upload content or add content from a different repository. Please note that you can only upload files with the extension .zip or .xml.
  4. After confirming the dialogue, the resource will be added to your repo and become visible in the overview table.

Import content from other areas

If you use multiple repositories in ONYX Editor, you can also import content from other repositories to your current one.

Under Select repo, you can select the repository from which you want to import content. In the left pane, you will then see the structure of the repository, which allows you to select multiple resources at a time. On the right, you will be provided with an overview of the metadata of the selected resources.

Use Import to add the resources to your repository.

Ressourcen aus einem Repository importieren