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Hotspot interactions require the learner to mark certain areas in an image as correct. These areas can be freely defined in terms of size, position, and shape. You can choose between single and multiple choice.

A licence is required to use this question type.

Example hotspot interaction


Question & Answer tab


Add background image

Via Select file and Change, you can upload an image from your hard disk and add it as a background for the hotspot interaction. The uploaded image is always displayed in its original size. If you wish to adjust the size, use the input fields for width and height. For example, if you only enter a value for the width, the height is automatically adjusted. Enter 0 in both fields to display the image in its original size.

Enter a maximum width of 880 and a maximum height of 1350 to display the graphic in full in the PDF, when printing it out as a paper exam, for example. If these dimensions are exceeded, the graphic will be cut off in width or displayed on two pages.

Edit hotspots

This area allows you to add, move, and scale hotspots. You can choose between three different shapes: rectangle, circle, and ellipse. Click on one of the buttons below Add hotspots, and the selected shape will appear above the background image in the top left corner. Now you can simply move the spot to the correct position with your mouse and scale it if necessary.

Overview of added hotspots

The table provides you with an overview of your added hotspots. From this area, you can select the spots that together will build the correct solution. You can also adjust the shape, the position, and the size of the spots.

Hotspot answers