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Graphic match interactions allow you to place elements on predefined areas of a background graphic. You can always assign exactly one assignment element to one target area.

A licence is required to use this question type.

 Examples Graphical Match Interaction


Question & Answer tab


Add background image

Using Browse and Upload, you can select an image from your hard disk and add it as a background for the graphic match interaction. The uploaded image will always be displayed in its original size. If you wish to adjust the size, use the input fields for width and height. For example, if you only enter a value for the width, the height will automatically be adjusted. Enter 0 in both fields to display the image in its original size.

Enter a maximum width of 880 and a maximum height of 1350 to display the graphic in full in the PDF, when printing it out as a paper exam, for example. If these dimensions are exceeded, the graphic will be cut off in width or displayed on two pages.

Define target areas

This section allows you to add target areas to the background graphic and move them as desired. Click on Add area to generate a new area. It will appear above the background graphic in the top left corner. Now you can simply move the area to the correct position with your mouse. The size of the target areas in the graphic depends on the content of the subsequently configured assignment elements.

When running the test, users will see the "Drop correct element here” note on each target area, so it will be clear where to drag the assignment elements. You can disable this note in the Options tab.

Define assignment elements for the target areas

The table shows an overview of your added target areas and allows you to assign the relevant assignment element to each target area. Besides text, you can also select images as assignment elements. The implementation of distractors is also possible. To do this, just empty the target area field for an assignment element.

The size of the assignment elements will be set automatically. If necessary, you can customise it in the Options tab under Presentation.

Background graphic and target areas

Assignment elements

Options tab

Options tab



By default, answers are arranged in random order. As a result, the question will appear different for each test participant and attempt. However, for some questions, it may be desirable that answers should not be randomly arranged. In these cases, deactivate the checkbox to disable the Shuffle option.


If necessary, you can adjust the size of assignment elements here or deactivate the "Drop correct element here" note displayed on the target areas.

Extended settings

You can extend or customise your question with additional files. For more detailed information, refer to the Set options>Extended settings help section.