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This kind of task type allows you to create a text with correct and incorrect choice elements. The learners are supposed to identify and mark these elements. A distinction is made as to whether exactly one answer (single choice) or several answers (multiple choice) are to be marked by the learner.

A licence is required to use this question type.

Tab question/answer

Enter hottext

Enter your question and your hottext in the input field. You have two options to add active elements:

  • Add choice
    You can create a new choice directly in the text by using the button Add choice at the appropriate position. A hottext element is inserted and the editing area opens.
  • Convert to choice
    You can write or paste a continuous text and convert text passages and words later into choice elements. Select the appropriate text passage and use the button Convert to choice. The editing area for the choice opens. The text you have selected is already entered in the field Choice.
Edit choice element

You can edit a choice element by clicking on the icon  in the text. An additional area for editing the choice opens below the hottext. The editing area also opens when you create a new choice.

Auswahlelement bearbeiten