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It is possible to export the test results of the course participants to different formats.


Excel Format

To enable further processing, a detailed results export in CSV format is at your disposal. Further simplified CSV exports are available within the learning platform OPAL. They can be configured in terms of their output data.

IMS QTI Format

All test and results data are stored and processed according to the established e-assessment standard IMS QTI 2.1. To retrieve the test and results data stored in the system, a results export in the IMS QTI format (ZIP file) is at your disposal. The results export stores the test and task data in the IMS QTI format (ZIP file). The results data are only valid and retrievable in conjunction with the associated test data.

HTML and PDF format  

After the submission of a test, the test as well as the answers given by the participant will be stored as a signed HTML file and as a PDF file. These formats facilitate both traceability in the test scenario and archiving. Besides, they are also printable.

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