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The task type "choice interaction" allows you to create a single choice or multiple choice. You give any number of answers to the learner. The learner marks the correct answer(s) when taking the test. Depending on the task type, the learner can either mark only one answer (single choice) or multiple answers (multiple choice).

Beispielaufgabe Mehrfache Auswahl

Define question & answer

Task typeVia the setting "Task type", you can determine whether a single or multiple choice will be applied. In the case of a single choice, the learner can select only one answer as the correct solution. In the case of "multiple choice", the learner can either select one or more answer(s) as a solution.

In the section "Answers", you can add answers to your choice interaction. Use the button "New answer" to add any number of answer choices.

To define the correct solution, mark an answer choice as "Correct". Depending on your task type setting, you can either select exactly one answer (single choice) or multiple answers (multiple choice)  as a solution.

Use the delete button  to delete answer choices.

The displayed order of your answers corresponds to the display during the test implementation, provided that the option "Shuffle" is disabled. Please note that this option is enabled by default (Set options).

Via the action button , you can customise the display order. Disable the option "Shuffle" in the tab "Options" to be able to arrange the display order according to your needs.

Konfiguration der Fragestellung der Beispielaufgabe

Darstellung der Antwortmöglichkeiten zur Beispielaufgabe