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The scoring of questions depends on the question type. Generally, the following scoring methods are available in the Scoring tab:

  • Automatic scoring:
    • Points for the entire question (all answers must be correct)
    • Points per answer (selected answers)
  • Manual scoring

In particular, the points per answer scoring method provides various options for the individual assessment of participants’ answers. For selected formats, such as the formula comparison, an expert mode offers even more possibilities to analyse and assess the given answers.

Please note that you can control which assessment information will be displayed to the participant after completing the test using the Test procedure configuration. For the score to be displayed, the configuration Show assessment must be enabled.

The points are displayed in all views rounded to a maximum of two decimal places. However, scores entered by authors are rounded to an accuracy of three decimal places.

Maximum and minimum score

Set the maximum score for single questions. If you configure the points per answer scoring method for your question, the maximum score will be calculated automatically from the sum of the individual points for all answers.

The minimum score is set by default to 0 points for all question types and cannot be configured. Even if points may be deducted for individual answers in the case of the points per answer scoring method, the total score of the question will never be negative, i. e. the minimum score will always be 0 points.

Scoring method: All answers must be correct

The scoring method All answers must be correct is available for the following question types: choice interaction, hotspot interaction, hottext interaction, match interaction, matrix interaction and order interaction. For these question types, this scoring method is preconfigured as a standard assessment.

If the scoring method All answers must be correct is enabled, the assessment will be performed automatically following the right/wrong principle. This means if the participant solves the entire question correctly, they will be awarded the maximum number of points. Otherwise, they will receive 0 points.

Scoring method: Points per answer

The scoring method Points per answer considers individual answers to the question. The total score of the question will be calculated from the sum of the points for the individual answers. This scoring method depends on the question type as well as the type of the individual answers and the input format of the participant.