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The assessment of a task depends on the task type. Principally, the following assessment options are available:

  • Automatic assessment:
    • Points for the entire task (all correct answers)
    • Points per answer
  • Manual assessment

All correct answers

For all closed task forms (e.g. selection tasks), the assessment "All correct answers" is preconfigured. Thus, an automatic assessment is performed according to the right/wrong principle. If the participant solves the entire task correctly, they will receive the maximum number of points. If the task is not solved correctly, they will receive 0 points.

In the case of cloze tasks, the assessment is always carried out per gap. To enable a more detailed assessment, you can set up alternative solutions and other assessment settings for the gaps in the text. For numerical tasks (e.g. numeric input), you can define relative and absolute tolerances, i.e. a solution range. For formula comparisons, an expert mode will be additionally available for the assessment.

Points per answer

In the tab Assessment, you can perform an individual assessment. If you select the assessment "Points per answer", you can assign points to each answer option. Points are always only awarded for the answer options selected by the participant. If the participant selects incorrect answer options, negative point values can be set.

Regardless of the assessment of the individual answers, the total score of the task cannot be negative. By default, the minimum score for the entire task is 0 points.