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With the activation of the Question Bank Mathematics you get access to the questions of the Network Mathematics/Physics + E-Learning. You can then view more than 4500 questions (as of Nov. 2022) and also use them in your own tests.

Question bank mathematics Question bank content


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Access will be granted for the respective system in which you have a user account:

You have an account in the OPAL learning platform of the Saxon universities

Directly contact the Network Mathematics/Physics + E-Learning to get access.

For instructions on how to use the question bank within OPAL in practice, refer to the help page Access for OPAL users.

You have an account in OPAL School

Information on how to get access to and use content can be found on the help page Access for OPAL School users.

You don't have any account yet

Contact the Network Mathematics/Physics + E-Learning.

Such a collection exists as a direct result of the cooperation of many contributors. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take your time and write reviews for some of the questions. Please also feel free to send your own suggestions for questions to the network and/or encourage more networks to create collections of questions related to other subject areas.

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