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In the section Test resources, you will find all test and task content available to you in the ONYX Editor. You can create new content and structure, edit, and import existing content.


Customise question bank view 

Folder structure

Available content will be displayed by default in a folder structure. The folders may contain subfolders, resulting in a tree structure.

List view

Use the list view to display all content in a flat structure. You can also select an individual folder for the list view and only display the content of this folder as a list.

The list view provides simple filters to restrict the display to selected content. By deselecting the filters Questionnaires and Tasks, for example, you can display only tests.

To switch to the list view, use the structure icon in the title bar Question bank structure. Now select the entry List view.

Adjust table

The question bank gives you an overview of all test and task content visible to you. The overview displays selected information such as the type, title, and author of the content. You can customise the display to suit your needs and current editing processes. Just click on the settings icon above the table .

It opens a selection list of possible attributes for display, which you can select or deselect. The setting you have configured will be saved for your user. This allows you to customise the ONYX authoring environment.

Icons and functions in the question bank

Various basic functions can be started via buttons. These are located above and below the resources table. Further information can also be found on the help pages Create contentCopy, move or export content, and Delete content.

Question bank functions

The following additional functions and icons are available:

Information: Refer to for additional details of the resource, such as metadata, assigning and managing rights, licenses of test content, reviews and statistics.
Edit: Open resource for editing
Pdf export: Export resource as PDF
Publish test
Mark resource as a favourite
Resource type: Choice interaction. All available task types and related icons are available on the help page Question types.
Resource type: Test
Resource type: Survey

Defective content
Change table view
Refresh question bank
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