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  1. Go to the tab "Test resources".
  2. Click on New task in the upper page area.
  3. Select a task type in the window that opens. For each available task type, an example is shown in the right pane.
  4. Confirm your entries with OK. The new task will open in a new tab.

Define questions and answers

In the tab "Question & Answer", you can enter your task content and make the most important settings for the assessment and the correct solution.

QuestionEnter a text which explains the task in more detail and gives the learner an impression of the topic. Using the text editor, you can format your text, add images, and directly edit the HTML. Functions to add media and formulas are also planned.
Task type

View the format of the task. In the case of some task types, you can still switch between single and multiple choice. 

Overview of the available task types

PointsEnter a number of points for the task. The points are only awarded if the learner has successfully completed the task.
Answer options

Add answer options to your task. You can mark answers as correct, delete or move them. The order of the answers that you specify here corresponds to the order in which the tasks will appear in the test. Alternatively, you can also randomly mix the answers in the tab "Options". 

A simple editor is available for formatting text, inserting images, and editing the raw HTML. 

Depending on the task type, there will be different settings available for the answer options.

Overview of the available task types

Aufgabenstellung und Antwortmöglichkeiten definieren

In the tab "Assessment", further assessment options are available. For more detailed information, please refer to the help section "Set assessment".

In the tab "Feedback", you can store feedback content for the test, which will be automatically displayed to the participant upon completing the task. For more detailed information, please refer to the help section "Set feedback".

In the tab "Options", you can find various task-specific advanced settings such as random arrangement, comments, or attempts. For more detailed information, please refer to the help section "Set options".