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"Raise your hand"

If participants want to answer or ask questions during the conversation, they can easily make themselves noticed. With just one click on the hand icon in the lower right area, each participant can "raise" their hand. Moderators then receive a note and can give the participant the chance to speak up.

Participant viewModerator view

Bestätigungsdialog zur eigenen Aktion Hand heben

Hinweisdialog das andere Nutzer sich melden

Moderators can activate or deactivate the notification dialogue in the Settings>Notifications area. A permanent notification dialogue will then always be displayed if at least one participant raises their hand.

In this dialogue, moderators can 

  • lower individual hands by clicking on the user's avatar in the notification or
  • lower all hands and close the dialogue by clicking on Lower hands.

Randomly select a participant for active participation

If there are at least 2 participants in the room, you can have the conference system randomly select one participant and ask them to participate actively. Only users with participant status will be considered for selection. A dialogue indicating the currently selected user will be displayed to everyone in the room.

Moderator viewParticipant view

Hinweis welcher Teilnehmende gewählt wurde an andere Teilnehmende

Ask all participants (at once) for a written answer

Use the Surveys function to do this. In the question area, write down your question and select the Participant response answer option. Once the survey is approved, all participants will see a dialogue with question and answer fields.

Moderator viewParticipant view

Funktion Umfrage als Moderator nutzen

Umfrage in der Teilnehmendenansicht

Initially, all answers will only be visible to you. Participants do not see each other's answers. The moderator view also allows you to see which participants have not yet entered an answer and address them specifically if necessary. You can then optionally make all answers visible to all participants. If you do so, the results will be displayed anonymously in the whiteboard area and permanently in the public chat history.

Moderator viewParticipant view

Moderatorenansicht der Umfrageergebnisse

Freigegebene Umfrageergebnisse im öffentlichen Chat

More functions to be used in surveys can be found on the Use surveys help page.

"Work on the blackboard"

The "blackboard" or "whiteboard" as it is called in the conference system to display files or present text and simple drawings on a free space can be used similarly to the possibilities of face-to-face teaching. With the following functions, you can grant or revoke editing rights to/from a specific participant or to/from all participants at the same time:

Assign or remove whiteboard rights to/from a single specific user: In the user's settings, select the Allow access to whiteboard or Cancel access to whiteboard option.

Als Moderator Teilnehmenden Zugriff auf das Whitebord geben

Assign or remove whiteboard rights to/from all users: Activate or deactivate the multi-user mode function in the toolbar on the right.

Funktion Mehrbenutzermodus aufrufen

A participant with whiteboard rights can be recognised in the participant list by the pencil icon.

Icons der Teilnehmerberechtigungen

The tool area on the right will be visible for a participant if the whiteboard right has been granted.


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