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To export user results as a list, proceed as follows:

First, switch to the assessment tool.

To open the assessment tool, proceed as follows:


Start one of your courses.

Open assessment tool


Open the Assessment tool using the icon in the top menu area. Please note that this icon will only be visible to you if you have the necessary rights.

Use the wizard to compile a results list:

Start the wizard by selecting the User results entry from the Export as list toolbox in the right area of the assessment view.

Start user results list export

The Export user results wizard opens. In step 1 of the wizard, select the course element whose results you wish to download. 

Step 1 - Select course element

In step 2, pick the course group(s) for which you wish to export results.

Step 2 - Select learning groups

In step 3, activate the custom export format option.

Step 3 - Select export format

Then in step 4, decide which user attributes should be exported. Depending on the system configuration, different attributes may be available. Clicking on Finish will download a .zip file containing the requested list.

If necessary, you can navigate back in the wizard and download additional lists of other assessable course elements or with other data compilations.

To exit the wizard, click on the close X in the upper right corner or select Cancel wizard.

Step 4 - Select user attributes