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In a resource folder, you can store, manage and organise various documents for use in several courses.


Create resource folder

To create a resource folder, proceed as follows:

To create new learning content, proceed as follows:


Open the tab Teach & Learn. Click on Create learning content on the home page of the Teach & Learn section.

Alternatively, you can also use the following options:

  • the Create button in the table head after opening the menu items My courses or My resources
  • the button Create learning content in the portlet First steps on the home page


Select the content type you wish to create, e.g. a wiki.

The availability of different content types depends on the configuration of the learning platform.

Select a learning content type


In the dialogue, you can now enter a title and description for your learning content and optionally add an image.

Click on Done to save your entries and close the dialogue.

Learning content creation dialogue


The created learning content opens. Depending on the content type, various functions and information may be available. The resource can now be edited or embedded in a course.

Wiki user view 

Use resource folder within courses

You can embed a resource folder in one or more course folders (storage folders) in order to use the contained files in multiple courses. This link can be changed or removed at any time. 

Assign a resource folder to your course as follows:


Open the More settings menu in the top right corner of the course.

Open course settings

Select the first entry Settings .


The Course settings dialogue opens. Click the Assign resource folder button in the Course tools section under Resource folder .

Assign resource folder

It opens an overview of all resource folders for which you are responsible as an owner. Select the desired folder by clicking on the corresponding  plus icon in the Actions column.

Select resource

The selected resource will be displayed in the course settings dialogue under Currently assigned together with its title, ID and creation date.

View, remove or change assignment

You can edit the assignment at any time:

  • To choose a different resource folder, click on Change .
  • To completely remove the current assignment, select Remove assignment .

Files from the resource folder that have already been used in the course can no longer be accessed when the resource folder has been exchanged or removed.

You can only embed one resource folder per course.

With the release of OPAL 11.4, the function for embedding a resource folder has become available in the new user interface. How to embed a resource folder in the old user interface through the detailed view is explained in this section:

To use a resource folder in a course, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the course and select the entry Details and settings from the menu.
  2. In the Learning resource area on the right, click on Change properties and switch to the tab Resource folder .
  3. Click on Select and use the Select link to add a resource folder to your course.
  4. In the storage folder of the course, you will now find the subfolder _sharedfolder .