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The exam control allows the supervisor to actively intervene in the examination process: For example, they can start and finish the exam for selected candidates or even resume the exam in the event of an unexpected PC failure.

To ensure the security of the exam in the case of computer failure, the current processing status, provided answers, as well as the processing and display order are saved after each user interaction. With the permission of the exam supervisor, the candidate can therefore continue their examination on another configured PC exactly where they left off.

Configure exam control

The exam control can be enabled in the course editor of each Test course element in the Test configuration tab. For more detailed information, see the help page Test.

Open exam control

Open the Test course element in the course view. If the exam control has been configured correctly, course tutors will now see the Exam control area directly underneath the Start test button.

Group tutors also have access to the exam control. However, they will only see those users for whom they have tutoring rights in the overview.

Exam control in the course view

If you open the exam control, you will see a tabular overview of all enrolled course participants and their current exam statuses. Using the selection list on the top right, you can also restrict the user list to a specific group.

Available table filters

In the Exam-state column, the status of each user is displayed. The following statuses may occur:

The learner is waiting to start the exam.

The learner is waiting to continue the exam.

The learner was allowed to continue the exam.

The learner is currently processing the exam.
The learner has finished processing the exam.

The learner has cancelled the exam, or the exam was finished by the tutor when the learner was in the "Waiting for approval" dialogue. No exam results are available.

The learner has not yet entered the exam.

Additional status information

The learner has been given additional processing time.

The learner has not responded for more than a minute. This means that the client's connection to the server is lost. This situation can be caused by closing the test window or browser, a PC crash, an interrupted internet connection, etc.

Start, continue, or finsih exam

1To change the status of one or more learners, mark the checkboxes next to the respective users.

Start or finish exam

2Select the desired action button, Start or Finish, from above the table.
3The displayed exam status in this table is automatically updated at regular intervals. You can also see the time of the last update in an information box above the participants table.

Additionally, you can perform a manual page update by clicking the button .

Add additional processing time when an exam is continued

After cancelling an exam, the user has the option to continue the exam upon approval of an exam supervisor.

The exam was cancelled. In the meantime, the examinee has logged back into the system and is given the opportunity to continue the exam.

Course view of the examinee:

Continue exam button

Clicking on the Continue button will open the exam approval dialogue. This dialogue remains open until an exam supervisor has approved the exam to continue.

Approval dialogue from the examinee's perspective:

Approval dialogue

As soon as a user selects the Continue exam button, the request for approval will be visible in the exam control with the next page update.

Exam control from the examiner's perspective:

Examinee waiting for approval

Grant approval and add additional processing time for time-limited exams

1To grant approval, mark the checkboxes in the table rows of the concerned examinees. Then click on the Start button in the table header.Select examinee
2The Continue exam dialogue opens. For time-limited tests, you can add here the time elapsed since the interruption.

Continue exam dialogue

3Confirm your entry with OK. The added time will be briefly presented in the exam control, and only then the examinee will be able to continue processing the exam.

Additionally added time

4Subsequently, the exam will automatically be started for this examinee.

Examinee continues the exam

Refuse approval and finish exam attempt

To finish the exam attempt, mark the checkbox in the table row of the concerned examinee.

Select examinee

Select Finish from above the table.
The attempt will automatically be finished and the examinee will be informed respectively.

Exam will automatically be finished