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Authors may delete learning resources that are no longer needed. These resources will then be copied to the recycle bin. As long as you have not permanently deleted the resources, you can restore them from the recycle bin at any time. After 90 days, however, the recycle bin will be automatically emptied. Access to these resources will then no longer be possible.


Open recycle bin

The recycle bin can be found under the Teach & Learn tab. To open it, proceed as follows:


Open the Teach & Learn tab.


Select the entry Recycle bin from the menu on the left.


The area opens, displaying your deleted resources.

Opened recycle bin

The entry Recycle bin will only be visible if there are deleted resources.

Functions in the recycle bin

The following functions are available:

Empty recycle bin

This option allows you to delete all items from the recycle bin. Therefore, it is not possible to restore the items after they have been deleted.

Emptying the recycle bin cannot be undone.


Deleted entries that are still in the recycle bin can be restored.

However, this function will only be available if you have selected at least one entry from the table of deleted items. To select an item, mark the checkbox in front of it. Then click the Restore button to reconstruct the item.

If a course you wish to restore includes learning resources that are in the recycle bin, these resources will also be restored.

Permanently delete

This option allows you to permanently delete individual items from the recycle bin. Just select the checkbox in front of the desired items and click the Permanently delete button.