Learning resources are resources that can be used independently or in courses to illustrate different teaching and learning scenarios.


Create and configure learning resources

The following sections will help you to create and set up learning resources:

Add learning resources to your course

To integrate existing learning resources into courses, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the course into which you wish to integrate your learning resource and switch to the course editor.
  2. Add the appropriate course element for your resource. For example, if you wish to integrate a blog into your course, you need to add a blog course element.
  3. Go to the tab Blog learning content .
  4. Click the button Select, create or import blog .
  5. You will now see an overview of all your blog learning resources.
  6. Choose your desired blog resource and click on Select blog .
  7. Your learning resource has now been assigned to the course element.

For more information, see the help pages of the individual course elements .