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The learning resource Test allows the testing of knowledge using different answer formats. It is created as a single resource, automatically linked to an ONYX test file and then assigned to a course element Test or Self-test.

Create test resource

The function for creating a new learning resource of the type Test can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Teach & Learn>Overview>Create learning resource>Test
  • Teach & Learn>My resources (entry)>Create (button)>Test
  • Home page>First steps (portlet)>Create learning resource>Test

A dialogue opens, which allows you to enter a title and a description for the resource. Optionally, you can also add an image and metadata. The resource is automatically assigned an ONYX test file.

Alternatively, you can also directly open the ONYX question bank to create or import a resource, which will then automatically be assigned a learning resource in the learning platform. For more detailed information on how to create ONYX test content, consult the help page ONYX Editor.

The ONYX question bank can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Home page>First steps (portlet)>Question bank
  • Teach & Learn>Overview>Advanced functions>Question bank
  • Teach & Learn>My resources>Question bank (button in the upper right corner)

For more detailed information on how to create and edit learning resources, consult the help page Course elements and learning resources.


The home page of the test resource pops up automatically when opening a learning resource of the type Test outside of the course context. For example, if you click the link of a test resource in the area Teach & Learn>My resources>Test.

The opening page displays general and advanced information about the learning resource as well as a preview of its content.

Home page of a resource

For a learning resource of the type Test, it is possible to display more information such as the current location of the test file in the Onyx repository.

Display more information about the resource

Delete test resource

To permanently delete obsolete ONYX test resources, all references to the resource have to be removed first. The resources then need to be deleted directly from the question bank.

Remove test resource references

To remove an existing reference, proceed as follows:

1Access the resource via the tab Teach & Learn>My resources. This opens the detailed view of the resource.Open test resource
2Use the link Display more information to check which references exist and where the resource is currently integrated.Display more information
3If the resource is still integrated into one or more courses, open the course(s) individually.Existing test references

Then go to the course editor and switch to the relevant test course element.

There are two ways to remove existing references. You may:

  •  delete the course element ...

    To delete a course element, proceed as follows:

    1Open the element you wish to delete.Delete course element
    2Select Delete from the top right corner of the page.
    3Confirm the deletion process with Yes.
    4For your changes to take effect, and to remove the course element from the course view, you have to publish the course.


  •  replace the resource ...


    Click the Replace button to substitute the stored test resource with another test resource.

    Replace button

    The assistant opens. Select, create or import another test resource. If there is a newer version of the stored resource, you can also update it.

    Search for referenceable learning resources

5Go back to the detailed view of the resource to make sure all references have been removed.Test without references

Now delete the test from the question bank.

(Short info: Open the question bank (e.g. by clicking on the pencil icon in the opened detailed view of the test resource) > Select the relevant test from the results list > mark the checkbox in front of the entry and then click on Delete underneath the table.

Delete test
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