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You want to publish a course on OPAL School only for users of a specific school. Users from another school should not be able to view any content of this course, even if they find it using the search function or try to open it via a direct link.


For this kind of visibility restriction, you can use the Main school attribute. In most cases, this will be a school where you work as a teacher. Therefore, this attribute is read out automatically during the configuration of the visibility. For comparison, you can also find this information in your user profile.

Open the user profile by clicking on your name in the upper right area (1). In the Main school field (2), you will find one or more key numbers of the schools you work for.

If you need the main school number of another school, you can search the school database for this information. The database displays a department key (Dienststellenschlüssel) for each school contained in it. This key corresponds to the Main school attribute in the learning platform.

Main school in the user profile

To share a publicly published course only with users of a specific school, proceed as follows:

1Open the course. Switch to the course editor.

Open course editor

2In the top segment with the course title, switch to the Visibility tab.

Activate Depending on attribute


Activate the Depending on attribute checkbox here. The Main school attribute is automatically preselected and displayed. The value for your main school is also prefilled.

If you work at more than one school, several key numbers will usually automatically appear. In this case, please remove all additional key numbers and retain only the one of the desired school.

If you want to share the course also with one of your other schools, please create another attribute rule for this school by clicking on the plus icon . Then change the link between the rules to "OR".


Save your entries and publish the course.

Please note that all restrictions apply only to the course view and do not affect the view in the course editor. All users with rights for the course editor can also access it. These are usually other course owners or users enrolled in a right group that was created in the course.