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In the settings area, users can choose which system language they want to use. Depending on the language, all system functions, notes and buttons will then be automatically displayed in the selected language.

However, one exception is course content. This includes course element titles and descriptions, which are still displayed in the available course language (of the course creator). In the tab Multilingualism, you can define a default language for the course and independently provide and maintain course content in different languages.

Currently, it is possible to maintain multilingual titles, subtitles, descriptions and visibility hints for all course element types. Only the course element Single Page also allows for the translation of page content.


Enable multilanguage support

You can specify for each course element individually whether or not you wish to provide it in multiple languages. To enable multilanguage support for a course element, proceed as follows:

1Open the course editor.
Kurseditor öffnen

Switch to the tab Multilingualism in the desired course element.

Mehrsprachigkeit aktivieren

Click on Enable to activate the multilanguage support for this course element.

Below this button, you can see the currently configured default language of the course. The default language for the entire course can be configured under More settings>Settings.

Use multiple languages

After enabling the multilanguage support, you can create and maintain translations as follows:


The area Further available languages opens with a table, which lists all additional languages. Please note that translations may not be readily available.

Verfügbare Sprachen einsehen

To create a translation, click on the desired language entry.

Übersetzungsdialog öffnen

This opens a dialogue in which you can see the content of the course element in the default language as well as a translation area.

Enter your translation and confirm your entries with Save.

Übersetzung einpflegen

If you wish to transfer the content in the current default language to the translation one-to-one, use the button Apply default language. This can be advantageous if the page to be translated contains many formattings, images, etc.

Funktion um Inhalte der Standardsprache zu übernehmen

Übernahme der Standardspracheninhalte