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Groups have a variety of tools which support joint work. These tools largely resemble the corresponding course elements. There is also an optional information field that the group owner can use to provide information for the group. Group members can add their own contributions to the ePortfolio. 

The following tools are available for groups:


In this area, content created by the tutor is displayed.


The calendar can be used to schedule appointments.


Depending on the settings configured by the tutor, learners can download, upload, and create files in this group tool.


Via the email form, group participants can communicate with other participants as well as with their tutors.

In the recipient areas supervisor and participant, you can choose between the options All and Select individually to select the recipients of the email. However, the display of these two options is linked to the group settings for displaying the member names.

For example, if the option Members can see members in the group configuration is disabled, group participants will only be able to see and select the entry Email to participants in the group mailing section of the course view. In other words, they will only be able to send emails to all members of the group but not to individual recipients. The latter will only be possible if the option Members can see members in the group configuration is enabled.

These settings do not apply to course supervisors and group tutors, as these user roles can always select individual participants as recipients.

When communicating with several recipients, you can use the placeholders $firstname and $lastname in the subject or body of the message to address an individual user.

In contrast to course supervisors and group tutors, group participants cannot use this tool to send emails to users who are still on the waiting list.

Apart from the group tool Email, group tutors may also use a group email address to contact participants or tutors collectively by email. For more information, see the help page Use group email addresses.


In the forum, participants can exchange information, discuss important matters, and ask questions to the tutors.


With a wiki, articles and content can be easily created and collaboratively edited.

BlogA blog is an electronic diary whose individual entries are displayed in chronological order, starting with the most current one. Entries may contain information, images and videos. Using the group tool Blog, you integrate a shared blog into a group. Depending on the tutor's settings, learners will have the right to read, write or moderate in the group blog.


You can add your own posts (artefacts) to the collaborative folder.