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On this page, you will find an overview of the levels of development of individual workflows, features, and areas for learners in the new user interface including their status and notes.

FINISHEDThis feature is fully implemented.
INCOMPLETEThis feature is already available in the new user interface and can be used. There might be a few sub-features that are still open / in process or currently on hold*.
IN PROGRESSThis feature is not yet available, but already in progress.
OPENThis feature is not yet available.
ON HOLDThe implementation of this feature is currently on hold*.

An implementation is currently not planned.



General information

Simple, global searchINCOMPLETEImprovements in the result display are still pending.
Advanced, global searchON HOLDThe implementation of filters is currently on hold*.

Home Page and Personal Information

Portlet "My institution"FINISHED 
Portlet "Favourites"FINISHED 
Portlet "Courses I supervise"FINISHED 
Portlet "Courses I participate in"FINISHED 
Portlet "My groups"FINISHED 
Portlet "Recently opened"FINISHED 
Portlet "My dates"FINISHED 
Portlet "News & Subscriptions"ON HOLDNews are centrally available in the header area. The implementation of the portlet is thus currently on hold*.
Portlet "My performance results"FINISHED 
Portlet "OPAL-guide"ON HOLDThis portlet will be replaced by the portlets "First steps" and "Interesting information".
Portlet "Did you know ...?"ON HOLD 
Portlet "News"FINISHED 
Portlet "Course messages"FINISHED 
Portlet "Notes" **FINISHED 
Portlet "Information for authors" **FINISHED 
Portlet "First steps" (new)FINISHED 
Portlet "Interesting information" (new)OPEN 
My profileFINISHED 
My settingsFINISHED 
My newsINCOMPLETEImprovements of the feature are still pending. Extensions are planned.
Personal folderFINISHED 
Personal calendarFINISHED 


Display courses and learning contents in the overview (Teach & Learn)FINISHED 
Open / display course FINISHED 
Browse course contentsFINISHED 
Course languageINCOMPLETESwitching languages in the course has been put on hold.
Course notes **FINISHED 
Performance results and certificatesFINISHED 
GlossaryINCOMPLETEHighlighting terms in the contents has been put on hold.
Visibility and accessFINISHEDImprovements of the feature are still pending. Extensions are planned.
Course elementsIN PROGRESS

Details on the implementation status of the individual course elements can be found

under Level of development course elements.


Display groups in the overview (Teach & Learn)FINISHED 
Open / display groupsFINISHED 
Group elementsFINISHED 
Edit working groupsFINISHED 


Display artefacts in the area Teach & LearnFINISHED 
Create and edit text, file, and learning diary artefactsFINISHED 
Add artefacts from course elements and performance resultsFINISHED 
Display collaborative folders in the area Teach & LearnFINISHED 
View of collaborative foldersFINISHED 
Edit collaborative foldersON HOLDThe editing mode has been put on hold in the new user interface. It can, however, be accessed via the old interface.
Release collaborative foldersFINISHED 
Create collaborative foldersFINISHED 
Assessments and comments in collaborative foldersOPEN 
Change history in collaborative foldersOPEN 
Display portfolio tasks in the area Teach & LearnFINISHED 

** The availability of this feature is dependent on the configuration of the learning platform.