If a course is available in an export format, you can use Import course to create a copy of the course.

To import a course, proceed as follows:


Open the Teach & Learn tab. Click on Overview in the navigation area on the left. Now you will see the Import course function box in the Create courses and learning resources area.

You will also find an Import button after opening the menu items My courses and My resources.

Depending on the system configuration and your user rights, this function box may also be available in the First steps portlet on the home page.

Start course import function


In the dialogue, you have the option to use a file from your personal folder or to upload a course from your hard disk.

  1. Click on Select folder.
  2. As a next step, select the folder from which you wish to import the course. Confirm your choice with Select folder.
  3. Then search and mark your course. Confirm your choice with Select.
  1. Click on Upload file.
  2. In the next window, you can select a course from your computer via Select file.
  3. Click on Upload.

Select file for course import


Depending on the included learning content, a dialogue opens in which you can decide on how to handle existing references:

  • Import: You can also import the referenced learning content. This creates a new learning content resource, which will be linked to the new course.
  • Relink: You can link existing learning content to the course element of the new course.
  • Remove: If you remove the reference, the course element will be created without any stored learning content. After the import, you should then link new learning content to this course element in the course editor.

You can take a different decision for each referenced learning content used.

Handling references


As a next step, customise the description and metadata of the imported course. Confirm the dialogue with Save and continue by clicking on Next.

Customise description and metadata


Then start the editor by selecting Yes. Here you can make further adjustments to the course and publish it.

For more information on how to edit courses, see the following help pages:

Start course editor