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Symbol Gruppen

Each registered user can create working groups to exchange information with other learners or tutors and to develop projects. These types of groups are not bound to any course and supervised and managed directly by the creator.


Create working group

To create a working group, proceed as follows:

1Open the tab Teach & Learn and click on My Groups in the menu on the left.

Create working group

2An overview of all groups to which you have been assigned, either as a member or supervisor, is displayed. Select Create group from the table head.
3In the window that opens, you can enter a name and description for the group, as well as upload a picture.

Create group

4In the Configuration area, you can define which member overviews will be displayed to the participants, whereas in the Group-Tools area, the required communication tools of the working group can be specified.

Confirm your configuration with Finish.

The Group-Tools Email, Folder, and Forum are selected by default when creating a new working group. You can customise this selection either when creating the working group or later using the edit function.

Delete working group

Proceed as follows:

1Open the tab Teach & Learn.

Delete group

2Select the menu entry My Groups.

In the Actions column at the end of the preview area of a group, you can see the trash icon .


Click on this icon behind the desired group.

You can only delete groups of the type working group. Groups of the type learning group can only be deleted within the associated course, as the specific course context is important here. For example, if the learning group to be deleted is used in enrolment scenarios, adjustments to the course must be made after deletion.

5Confirm the process with Delete group.

Confirm deletion