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In the course, learners can receive different assessments, which will be available in both the respective content, e.g. a test, and in the performance results. If enabled by the tutor, learners can also download a certificate (PDF) in the assessment.

You must be enrolled in a course group, otherwise you will neither receive an assessment nor your performance results.


Assessable content

You can receive an assessment for the following content / course elements:

Task (manual assessment)
Assessment (manual assessment)
Portfolio task (manual assessment)
SCORM (automatic assessment)
Test (automatic and manual assessment)

The elements structure and course can also be used to summarise assessments of other content. In this way, it is for example possible to calculate the score, mark, and passed status for the course automatically.

If configured by the tutor, an assessment overview will be available. This overview shows the content and values included in the overall assessment.

Assessment overview on the course home page


Course elements for which a passed status has been configured will be immediately recognisable in the course navigation. They are marked with one of the following symbols at the end of the navigation entry:


Not passed

There is currently no assessment for the course element.

Performance results

The performance results for a course will only be displayed if

  • the tutor has configured it within the settings,
  • the entire course will be assessed,
  • you are enrolled in a learning group, and
  • you have already received assessment information before.

The performance results, i.e. an overview of all assessable course elements and their assessment information, can then be accessed via the course navigation. If configured by the author, you can also download certificates in PDF format.

Performance results in the course




Not passed

There is currently no assessment for the course element.


Performance results or the overview of assessable course elements in a course can also be accessed outside of the course:

  • The section Performance results in the tab Teach & Learn displays an assessment summary.
  • On the home page, you can enable the Portlet Performance results . It shows a summary of the assessments you have received for completed courses.

You can also use the assessment summary in the tab Teach & Learn or in the portlet as a quick access to the section Performance results in the course.


In addition to the assessment overview, you will also find your certificates in the section Performance results if the tutor has enabled the corresponding setting.

Certificates can be made available for the entire course as well as for course content. Apart from the possibility to download your certificates, you will also find a history here. It allows you to see when your certificate was issued and whether it is still valid.

Certificates in the performance results