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The learning platform includes several assessable course elements to test the learners' knowledge, track their progress, and provide feedback to them.

As course author, you determine the assessment criteria that are necessary for the individual course elements in the course editor. With the Assessment tool, you can view or edit existing assessments and perform new assessments manually. Moreover, you can enable Performance results for your course and configure the content and format of Certificates.

Depending on the configuration, learners will be able to view their assessments in the course element itself, in assessment overviews and in the Performance results to the course.

Performance results in the course view

Assessable content

The following content / course elements can be assessed:

 Task (manual assessment)

 Assessment (manual assessment)

In the course element Structure and the Main course node, assessments of other course elements can be summarised. This includes an automatic calculation of the score, mark and passed status for structural segments or courses. Moreover, it is also possible to provide an assessment overview of these course elements, which shows the individual course elements' values in the overall assessment.

Assessment configuration

To assess course content, you must first configure the appropriate settings for the respective assessable course element in the course editor. These settings can be found in the tab Assessment of the course element.

The tab Assessment allows you to configure basic settings including the view of the assessment form in the assessment tool and the assessment information available for users in the course view.


Configuration view in the course editorResulting view of an assessment form in the assessment toolAssessment from the user's perspective
Configuration of the assessment form in the course editorAssessment form in the assessment toolAssessment in the course view from the user's perspective


You can set the following options:

Score granted

If you select this checkbox, you can assign points to any assessable user in the assessment form. Set a range of points:

  • Minimum score: Enter the minimum number of points course participants can reach. You cannot make this entry if you have not selected the checkbox Score granted.
  • Maximum score: Enter the maximum number of points course participants can reach. You cannot make this entry if you have not selected the checkbox Score granted.

If you do not select the checkbox, this field will not be displayed in the assessment form.

Course editor - Tab assessment - Configuration options
Mark assignedSelect the entry Yes from the list if you want to assign marks in the assessment form. If you select No, the assessment form cannot be used for grading.
Display passed/failedIf this checkbox is selected, it is possible to assign the status Passed or Failed in the assessment form.
Type of display

This choice is only available if you have selected the checkbox Display passed/failed.

Determine whether the status passed or failed will be automatically assigned when reaching a certain threshold score, or whether the tutor can manually assign points to each assessable user.

  • Automatic (using cut value): Enter a score as a cut value for passing in this field. As soon as an assessor assigns a score to a user equal to or higher than this value, the system will automatically mark the user's status as passed upon saving the assessment. If the assigned score is below the given threshold value, the system will automatically mark the status as failed.
  • Manually by tutor: If you select this option, the assessor can manually mark the status of each assessment as passed.
Individual commentIf you mark this checkbox, you can leave a comment or note on the assessment for each user. This text is displayed to the user in the right assessment box in the course view.
Notice for all users

Enter a text, which will be displayed to all users in the course view of the course element. This field is, for example, suitable for describing assessment criteria. 

The entered text will be displayed in a separate box with the title Information about assessment, regardless of whether or not an assessment already exists.

Notice for tutors

Enter a text, which will be displayed to the assessor when conducting the assessment of a course participant. This text will be displayed in a separate box with the title Information on assessment, which can be found directly above the assessment form in the assessment tool. 

Use certificatesDepending on the system and course configuration, it is possible to create a certificate for a course element Assessment, provided that the user has been assigned the status Passed for this course element. For more detailed information, refer to the section Assessment>Certificates.Course editor - Tab assessment - Configure certificates
Peer ReviewFor a course element Task, the option Activate Peer Review is additionally available. The peer review enables participants to anonymously review each other. An overall rating is created based on those reviews. For more detailed information on the peer review process and the configuration options, refer to the section Assessment>Peer review.Course editor - Tab assessment - Configure peer review

Transfer score from SCORM

If this option is enabled, the score achieved in the SCORM learning content will be transferred to the learning platform, and the user will see the assessment information area in the course view.

If the option is disabled, no assessment information will be transmitted. The user can only see the number of their attempts in the course view but no further assessment information. Hence, the assessment information for this SCORM element is also not available in the assessment tool for this user.

Available assessment options for a course element SCORM

Score needed to passThis function allows you to specify the score which is needed to pass the learning content.
User can only advance scoreIf this option is enabled, the score of your second attempt will only be applied if  it is higher than the score of your first attempt. If this option is disabled, the score of your second attempt will be applied in any case (regardless of your previous score).
Count attempts only if score is transferredIf you deactivate this function, every start of the SCORM is counted as an attempt.
Maximal attemptsUse this option to define how often the user is allowed to start a SCORM.
Show average assessment

This function allows the user to see the average score among all users after completing the SCORM. The average is calculated when there are at least five completed attempts.

Use certificatesEnable this option if the user is to receive a PDF document as evidence for a passed SCORM.
Template for certificatesHere you can select the desired template for the certificate. Apart from the example template, you can also use an individually created template.
Display certificates only for tutors (assessment tool)If this option is enabled, the PDF files of the certificates can only be accessed via the assessment tool. In all other places, the user can no longer access, view, or download their own certificate.

Determine which test result will be adopted for a course element Test and which assessment information will be shared with the user.

Assessment tab

Passing score

Configure the score required to pass a test. 

If you use an ONYX resource, the threshold score set for the test will be automatically displayed here. If necessary, please change this score directly in the ONYX resource. Changes made in the Assessment tab may lead to conflict and undesirable behaviour.

ResultDecide whether the latest attempt will be counted or whether the user can improve on their test result, which means that the best attempt will get rated. If there are several attempts with the same score, the most recent attempt with this score will be included in the assessment.
Score info

Show on test homepage

If this checkbox is enabled, the user will see a box displaying their central results on the test home page after submitting the test. These include the passed status, the score, and the mark in numbers and words.

You can assign marks manually for individual users in the assessment form, by bulk assessment for many users or by using a grading key.

Score info

The passed status will also be displayed in the course navigation.

If this checkbox is not enabled, the passed status will neither be visible on the test home page nor in the course navigation.

Passed status in the navigation
Detailed test overview

Select which assessment information will be shared with the user:

Show on test homepage

Users may review each task of the completed test attempt and their saved answers. Feedback information about the tasks (if any) will also be displayed here. They can open the detailed test overview from within the course run using the Show evaluation button.

If there are several test attempts available, either the latest or best attempt will be used for the evaluation (see configuration option Result).

Please note ...

In the detailed test overview, the learner will automatically see at least the assessment information that they have already seen while taking the test. By default, the task/test evaluation is disabled in the test configuration tab, so the learner will not see any evaluation and feedback information during a test attempt. In this case, this information will also not be displayed in the test overview unless the configuration option Show all assessment information has been enabled.

If you have activated the task/test evaluation in the test configuration tab, the learner will already see assessment and feedback information during a test attempt. In this case, this information will also be displayed in the test overview, regardless of the configuration option Show all assessment information.

Show detailed test overview to users

User view of a test attempt

Show all assessment information

If this checkbox is enabled, the user will be able to see the evaluation of their answers if it was not already visible during the test (see also Test procedure configuration>Task evaluation or test evaluation or note about the configuration option Show on test homepage).

Show all assessment information of a test attempt to a user

Show all results

The user is not only shown the test result relevant for evaluation, but also a table with all test attempts completed so far. The table can be opened using the link Show evaluation of all attempts. The individual test results will show when clicking on the date of the respective attempt.

Show all test attempts

The visibility of the assessment information configured here also depends on the settings in the Visibility tab. For example, you may control when exactly users get access to assessment information.

In the course, as in the course element Structure, you can collect assessment information of selected elements, resulting in an overall assessment.

To do this, mark the desired assessment criterion (score, mark, passed) in the tab Assessment and select the course elements to be summarised in the overall assessment.

Course editor - Assessment tab

Calculate scoreSelect the desired assessment criterion (score, mark) and the course elements to be summarised.
Calculate mark
Calculate passing score

If you select this assessment criterion, you have the following options:

Show assessment overviewThis option shows the user a tabular overview of the content relevant for passing the course or course section. The table contains information about the title of the course element, the assessment, the passed status and the number of attempts.
As of minimum score

This option allows you to enter a passing score in the input field Minimum score. The minimum score refers to the course elements selected under Calculate score. A "passed note" will be displayed in the course / course element Structure if the overall score of these course elements is greater than or equal to the minimum score you selected.

Adopt from course element

If you enable this option, you can select the content to be included in the overall assessment. The course or structural element will be considered as passed if all selected content has been passed.

Expert mode

More complex calculations can be configured in the expert mode. Click on the button Expert mode to open the input fields of the assessment criteria. Here you can enter the desired calculation syntax.

The following syntax is available:

Once a learner has been assessed, the configuration should not be changed.

More detailed information on how to design special assessment scenarios with ONYX resources or perform examination scenarios using a safe exam browser (SEB) can be found on the help page for the Course element test and in the ONYX manual on the page Testing in OPAL.

Perform an assessment

Depending on the course element, the actual assessment is done automatically by system evaluations (e.g. course element Test with corresponding test questions) or manually (e.g. course element Assessment) by a tutor. In the Assessment tool, all users with appropriate rights can view, monitor and edit these assessments. The (manual) assessment of a course element is carried out in the assessment tool. An exception is the course element Task, which can also be assessed by Peer review.

Performance results and certificates

The performance results provide users with an overview of all assessable elements of the course and their personal accomplishments. Through the table view, they can see at a glance in which elements they still have open assignments. For further information, please refer to the help page Performance results.

In addition to the Performance results, certificates can be generated for the entire course or even for individual assessable course elements. Using a link in the performance results section of the course, users can then download and print these certificates as a PDF file. Various configuration options allow you to influence the design and content of the certificate and limit the view or print. For further information, please refer to the help page Certificates.