To use the functions of the learning platform, you need a user account. The account can be created for you by a user administrator of your facility, who will also provide you with the necessary login information. According to the system configuration of your institution, self-registration might be an alternative option.

You can access the learning platform as a guest, in which case no registration is needed at all. As a guest, however, you can only access publicly shared content.

Do you use the learning platform as a student of a Saxon university or vocational academy?

To access the content of an institution correctly, you need a confirmed account of the respective institution. Further information can be found on the help page VHO Access


Further Information


To register with the learning platform, proceed as follows:


Open the home page of the learning platform.

Login window


Click on Register.


In the dialogue window, enter your email address and click on Submit.


An email will be sent to the specified email address. Open the confirmation link contained in it to proceed to the last step of the registration process.

Registration form

5Choose your desired username and password and enter all further necessary system-dependent data.
6Click on Submit.
7After all information has been successfully submitted, the terms of use for the learning platform will be displayed. Confirm them with Agree at the bottom of the page.

Request a new password

If you cannot log in because you do not remember your password, you can set a new one. To do this, click on Forgot your Password? and either enter your email address or user name. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Whether or not you have the option to set a new password depends on your institution and the configuration of the learning platform.

For another system-dependent option to change the password, refer to the User configurations.