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ONYX Editor


Create, publish, structure: Use the ONYX Editor for easy and intuitiv creation of multimedia assessment items. Create individual exams, tests and questionnaires by simple collection of the test items from your item pool. Benefit from the good usability without restrictions on the possibilities.



Choose from a variety of interaction types



 Single and Multiple choice - Text entry - Extended text


Match - Matrix - Order - Hotspot - Hottext - Inline choice - Upload


Numerical Input - Calculation - Formula comparison - Regular expressions




Take advantage to your assessment content


Individual text formatting in a comfortable WYSIWYG HTML editor

Image, audio and video support, and simple formula creation

Extensive evaluation, scring and feedback options

Additional adjustments to layout and style

Varied exercises with random parameters and variables

Easy item management and comprehensive metadata


Enjoy long-term benefits from storing your test data in the standard IMS QTI 2.1 format. The ONYX Editor offers various import and export options and the ability for easy publishing of your test content.



BPS is an official member of the IMS Group and is actively involved in the development of the IMS QTI Specification.


Start now!


Register for free and create your first assessment contents with the ONYX Editor. Purchase a ONYX Editor Pro license to benefit from all features of ONYX Editor.



More information about the functionalities and our services can be found in the current ONYX price sheet.