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OPAL is a web-based  learning management system (LMS) for professional e-learning use.


Online learning is becoming a more and more central element of the daily knowledge enhancement. Educational establishments as well as companies are now using Online Learning platforms to offer online courses, correspondence courses, continuing trainings or certifications.


Use OPAL with its intuitively operable user interface. A well-thought modular system allows organizing and structuring the course individually, according to your needs. Combine any course element and enjoy the unlimited didactical variety to transmit knowledge. Integrate external learning content and applications in your course and profit of the consequent support of recognized standards such as IMS QTI, IMS CP and SCORM.


Offer users a course internal or transversal exchange and complete them with tools like chat, wiki or forums.


OPAL allows integrating tests of several formats and enables the evaluation check of learning progress for each user. Apply marks, award points or a passed status and leave a individual feedback per learner.


OPAL is therefore both intended for large organisations, which would like to show a variety of the most different scenarios, and small organisations that are looking for an easy to operate system for everyday use.


The architecture is designed to use minimum resources, scaling and safety, guarantees for smooth operation and can be easily integrated into the existing IT- infrastructures.





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