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MAGMA media server


Use MAGMA to easily publish and efficiently use audio and video filesfor online learning content and websites.


MAGMA is powerful webbased application and allows to store, edit, convert, search and deliver audio and video files. Users from educational institutions, media centers and companies can use MAGMA without any prior knowledge and publish online single medias or synchronized media sets - if needed even including an access restrictions.



Use Magma as a web service!
The installation of additional software on the PC is not necessary.


Publish single medias or media sets easily, fast and cost-efficiently in several quality levels.
The combination and publishing of media elements are very easy.

Implement existing user management tools via the Internet2 Standard Shibboleth.
No need to administrate users in different tools.


Structurize and store you audio and video files.

Many seach functions are already included in the product.


Publish your media access-protected on the Internet.

The docking to other applications such as the LMS via its we service API.


Storage place


  • Magma contains an online media administration with search function and individual media center
  • Metadata of media can be partially-automated evaluated 
  • A/V media can be annotated with any number of chapter marks
  • Search function allows finding and using of erlauben A/V media
  • Common media objects are administrated by a central authorization concept

Media conversion & delivery

  • Audio and video files are automatically converted into Internet compatible formats
  • Conversion of A/V media can be done in several quality levels
  • A/V media can be provided access-protected
  • Existing systems (e.g. LMS) are connected via web service APIs
  • Delivery of media via Flash (progressive download) or real time streaming protokoll (rtsp)


Media composition


  • Up to 6 A/V media can be flexible connected and delivered synchronically, e.g. combination of presentation, audio and video recordings.
  • Chapter marks allow a quick navigation in a media set
  • A/V media can be arranged by the final user according to his needs in a browser compatible player


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