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BLok, the online report book


BLok is an online qualification certificate for dual vocational trainings. Easy to handle and clearly designed, apprentices, trainers and vocational teachers can use the report book commonly on the Internet.


The time and local independent supply and the functional enhancement of the classic format of qualification certificate allow boosting the vocational training quality and strengthening the learning cooperation.


Blok, the online report book combines the qualification certificate with a development portfolio. In the qualification certificate an apprentices can documente his apprenticeship process in terms of time and substance. The development portfolio offers an API to the qualification certificate content and enables a better overview about the professional and personal growth of the apprentice. 



Online report book



Development portfolio


  • Time and local independent use and report book control as well as contact possibilities
  • Coordination and interlocking of vocational training content
  • Key word search
  • Attractive presentation
  • Evaluation of the actual and desired status concerning des apprentice's professional abilities
  • Deduction of need for action (possibility to individually adjust training content to the progress status)
  • Storage of vocational training related documents

Your advantages...

  • Information exchange & communication between vocational company, vocational school amd intervocational insitutions
  • development portfolio to encourage personal responibility and ability of reflection of apprentices
  • No software installation necessary


  • Online report book including comment function
  • Overview pages and statistics enabling a transparent training process
  • Development portfolio with document storage
  • Comparision of actual and desired status regarding the qualification status
  • 360° feedback about personal skills of the apprentice
  • Administration if apprentices and instructors
  • Notification and reminder functionality
  • Various configuration possibilities, e.g. regarding data protection law

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